Critical Pedagogies Workshops: Alternative Assessment

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This website arose from the Critical Pedagogies: Best Practices in Alternative Assessment Workshop and is created with the aim to provide a place in which educators can find resources on alternative assessment methods and their implementation, as well as examples and testimonies from fellow educators. This website’s main focus will be on the humanities side of alternative assessment, however some methods could be applied to other disciplines.  

If you would like to send a testimonial (anonymous or otherwise) on your own experience using alternative assessment methods; would like a resource to be added; or would like to include a website on the “Other Initiatives” section, please feel free to send us an email and let us know.  

About the Workshop

The critical pedagogies workshop was organized by Dr Sarah Arens, with funding from the school’s EDI, and Dr Roxani Krystalli acted as the keynote speaker.

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The main features of alternative assessment

Why it's Important

Alternative Assessment's place in decolonising academia and reasons to implement it

Types of Alternative Assessment

Examples of different alternative assessment methods

Examples in Real Life

See how skills gained from crative assessment methods can be utilised in academia and beyond

How to Implement it

Helpful things to consider when starting out


Read how other educators have implemented alternative assessment

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Interested in reading more about alternative assessment and decolonising academia? Go to our resources page to find a list of articles, books, and websites to get started

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