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Ryerson University’s Best Practices Newsletter , which covers  alternative assessment and course design among other things (Available Here). Their Teaching Resource tab also covers a wider variety of topics which are covered in-depth (such as designing a course, student engagement and accessable teaching,  and professional development among others)

Chart a Course: Ungrading with Courtney Sobers (STEM focused) on Youtube (Available Here)

Ungrading: an FAQ by Jesse Stommel (Available here)

Ungrading: A Bibliography by Jesse Stommel  (Available Here). Some resources from this list have been listed but he provides more information on each and lists many more related specifically to ungrading

SCIPS: Strategies for Creating Inclusive Programmes of Study (Available Here)

University of Reading’s Resource List for Engaging with Assessment (Available Here)

Other Sources

SOAS Decolonising Learning and Teaching Toolkit (Available Here)

UCL’s Toolkit on Recognising and including LGBTQ+ identities in language teaching (Available Here)

Overthrowing Education with Natalie Vardabasso Overhauling Assessments (podcast, Available Here)

Other Initiatives

Expanding German Studies: On twitter @ExpandingGerman (Here).

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